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Version 0.0.6 introduces counters: claimed, cleared, flagged/mines!


This version introduces the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • Counters: Header on game screen shows number of claimed, cleared, flagged squares, and also the total number of mines under the claimed squares. Those counters are updated in real-time, which means that they will tell you your current performance more accurately then the Top 100 playing and Top 100 ever played lists - that are updated with up to 5 minutes delay.
  • Faster flagging: Game will count fields that are to be flagged (request for the action was sent to the server, but no response has returned yet) as if there was already a flag. This means, that you will instantly see "Too many mines!" warning, and can instantly right-click on surrounding (cleared) squares.
  • Improved performance: Server response, and the following update on the board have been optimized for performance: server's response is smaller - thus faster to transfer over network - and it's processing is faster as well. All this means, that you can now make more clicks - in the given time - when compared to previous version.
  • Improved "Game over" dialog: The "Game over" dialog will now give you the option to start another game, or to go to main page. Doing a manual reload is no longer necessarily!
  • Password recovery link fixed: The Password recovery link on Login screen points to correct form.


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