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Player:~Guest (Anonymous)
Game started:2011-09-21
Game ended:2011-10-08
Claimed squares:81106
Cleared squares:67931
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Claimed_75KClaimed 75000 SquaresPlayer managed to Claim 75000 (75K, seventy five thousand) squares in this game.
Cleared_50KCleared 50000 SquaresPlayer managed to Clear 50000 (50K, fifty thousand) squares in this game.
Found_6Found: 6Player discovered square with 6 (six) surrounding mines.
Found_7Found: 7Player discovered square with 7 (seven) surrounding mines.
Clicked squares statistics:
stat_06%5565Cleared square with no mines around.
stat_117%14230Cleared square with 1 (one) mine around.
stat_220%16289Cleared square with 2 (two) mines around.
stat_312%10417Cleared square with 3 (three) mines around.
stat_44%4024Cleared square with 4 (four) mines around.
stat_51%939Cleared square with 5 (five) mines around.
stat_60%142Cleared square with 6 (six) mines around.
stat_70%8Cleared square with 7 (seven) mines around.
stat_80%-Cleared square with 8 (eight) mines around.
Flagged squares statistics:
stat_fx20%16316Square correctly flagged with red flag.
stat_f0%-Square incorrectly flagged with red flag.
stat_dx0%-Square correctly flagged width blue flag.
stat_d0%-Square incorrectly flagged width blue flag.
Other square statistics:
stat_s0%1Start square.
stat_o11%9056Claimed square with no mines hidden in it.
stat_m5%4119Claimed square with mine hidden in it
stat_x0%-Square on which a mine exploded.

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