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Support the site - buy at!


I'm happy to announce, that from this moment you can support the site by shopping at the website.
Small percentage of all sales made by MMO-Minesweeper users will aid our hosting budget, and help to keep the game free of charge for everybody.

One million squares clicked in MMO-MS!


Hello and thank YOU for playing Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper.

Today I celebrate the fact that over one million squares have been clicked - cleared or flagged - by YOU, the player(s)!

The exact figure is: 1,094,651 clicked squares. You are amazing!

Let's rise the bar, and set it to 2M square-clicks (two million - 2,000,000). What do you think, how quick will We reach this goal? Play, have fun - then share your scores with friends and invite them to play the game!

Dive into archives, with v0.0.8!


Version 0.0.8 - released today - brings new features, performance improvements and bug fixes!

New features

Not only can you browse played games - both yours and played by others - but also you can see (preview) how exactly the game looked like a moment before it ended. Check it out, it reveals the mines, too!

The website itself also gained a Screenshots page, where you can see everything from a safe distance ;)

Improved performance with v0.0.7


This version focuses on performance improvements, that will easily allow you to claim 15K squares even on average office-grade computer! Yes, that is 15 thousand (15 000) squares. Since we already have passed 10K mark, the question is who can reach 15K?

Additionally, resuming big games has also been optimized and the browser should not become unresponsive due to JavaScript eating all of the available CPU.

Happy minesweeping!

Check this out: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper

On Frequently Asked Questions page you will find answers to all the common questions about Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper.

Found any topic not covered? Do not hesitate to contact Us - send your feedback to

Version 0.0.5 released - log-in and end enjoy the history!


New development version: v0.0.5 brings performance and stability improvements, as well as the ability to list all played games*.

*) Available for players with valid User accounts. Note: you must log-in prior to starting the game, for it to be registered in the history.

Version 0.0.4 released - ready to play!


I just released v0.0.4, that opens the MMO Minesweeper game to everyone on the Internet!

Registration is not needed - you can start playing as Guest - however recommended if you want to get a good place on one of the Top 100 lists!

You do not need any plugins (no Java required, no Flash required) - the whole web page is entirely build with Web 2.0 technology: HTML + JavaScript + CSS.

Development version: v0.0.3 is out!


I'm proudly announcing new development snapshot: v0.0.3.

In this release:
- Performance (both server-side and browser-side) has been improved
- Stability improved (especially while resuming games).

At this point the game itself is almost a complete product, and will only go cosmetic changes.

Next in the TODO list are:
- enabling User accounts (registering, named games, chat)
- user manual and on-line help documents

Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper is now playable!


The game itself is playable! This is an important milestone in the MMOMS development.

Next on the TODO list are:
- improving in-game User experiance (read: increasing fun-factor even further)
- ranking management (read: top 10 playing and ever played)
- enabling User accounts (read: saving and restoring games and game history)

Development on both fronts.


I have fine-tuned some design details, filled Terms of use and Privacy policy. Some work has been completed behind the scene as well - the game itself is playable.

It should soon be ready for public consumption.

Development update - overall design.

Main Page

Site's overall design is ready, and so is the layout of the Main Page. Some remaining details will be corrected during development cycle.

I plan to develop and run this project with high level of transparency, that includes publicly accessible "nightly builds" - such as this one.

Please contact me, if you would like to access the builds as early as possible.


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